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... the Chef

Born in Mélisey in the Haute-Saône department, Laurent Grandgirard has been practicing his profession for over 20 years now. He worked in different great hotels and restaurants in Alsace, during peak seasons on the Mediterranean coast or in the Alps, in the North of France or abroad. Thanks to his former Chefs, especially Frédéric Roy (Le Pot d’étain in Danjoutin), Patrick Henriroux (La Pyramide in Vienne) and Jean-Luc Germond (Le Sebastopol in Lille), he always keeps in mind rigor and focus on good products.

For him, cooking is underlining every product in its season, taste and texture. Right seasoning highlights the product itself.

Many people have seen him sharing his passion : cooking demonstrations, cooking private lessons, wine tastings, meals in unusual places (on a barge, in a garden, in a mill, in a chapel ...). There are always original ideas for special events.

After 7 years at his own restaurant (Oxalis in Remiremont), Laurent Grandgirard took over the hotel restaurant La Vigotte in March 2018, as a new challenge.

Between Vosges and Haute-Saone departments, he is now in this hotel restaurant overlooking, ready to share his love for wines, to cook for gourmet people and ensure everyone enjoy.

Member of : Confraternity of Taste-Andouilles and Gandoyaux of Val d'Ajol, Confraternity of Kirsch Gousteurs of Fougerolles, Club Prosper Montagné (2009), Disciples of Escoffier (2010), Master Restorer (2012)


... the house

The word “Vigotte” comes from the Latin "Via Gota" which means "way of source" or "Alive source": indeed actually twenty sources are in La Vigotte’s domain!

The house belongs to Daval’s family for more than half a century. In this family, one say that the grandfather called Eugène Daval, would have signed the act of property at the notary at 5 am to be sure not to miss the opportunity! At the beginning, bought for its forest resources, the site is mainly transformed by Marcel, Eugene’s son. Such hard work with so many problems did not undermine the determination of Marcel. In the 60s, he dug a first pond and then finally six; he also decided to transform the farm built in 1750 into a public house. In the 70s, the house welcomed summer camps. Jacky, Marcel’s son, completed his father’s word building cottages rented for season and now annually rented. After different modifications of the house and different owners, La Vigotte becomes what you can see today: a hotel-restaurant bought by Laurent Grandgirard in March 2018 as a new step for future...

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